Hampton Boyer

(b.1988, US)

Illustrator,  Muralist,  Graphic Artist, Curator



Travis Millard - Thank You Gallery, Norfolk, VA July 2018

Emma Kohlmann - Thank You Gallery Norfolk, Va June 2018

Dylan Rozzelle "Inertia" - Thank You Gallery, Norfolk, Va May 2018

Jim Houser - Thank You Gallery, Norfolk, VA April 2018       

Slouching Towards Sunshine - Kimberly Mckinnis, Thank You Gallery,  Rutter Family Art Foundation, Norfolk, VA April 2018

Virgina As F*** , 848 Granby Street, Norfolk, Va October 2017

Making Star Stuff, 670 Gallery, Hampton, Va


Solo Exhibitions


Live To Be, Thank You Gallery, November 2016

I Watch Faces Go By, None of Them Belong To You (Tropical Depression), 670 Gallery, March 2016

Now That You're Here, Nobile & Amundsen Gallery, VA June-July 2013

On The Strength, Phoebus Gallery, VA July 2011


Group Exhibitions

Double Edged, Museum of Contemporary Art / Boju Gallery, 2019

Faded By The Sun, Pop Blossom Gallery, 2017

Inner Sanctum, 670 Gallery,  December 2016

A Night at the Auction, Hermitage Museum, August 2016

Metamorphosis, 670 Gallery, April 2015

End Transmission, Nobile & Amundsen Gallery,  December 2014

Making Star Stuff, 670 Gallery, December 2014

Virginia Curated , RAWLS Museum Arts, July 2014

NEXT: Emerging Virginia Artists, Peninsula Fine Arts Center, July 2014

 There's Another Way, Brickhaus Art Space, MD January 2013

"Who Are You Going to Trust Me Or Your Lying Eyes?",  Museum of Contemporary Art, VA September 2012

True Face and Friends, Phoebus Gallery, VA December 2011

Virginia Undertow Company,  2010



Fully Charged Paradise 2016

    Fully Charged Paradise, a collaborative production brought Hampton Roads contemporary artists, musicians, and dancers together to create a one of a kind experience. Fully Charged Paradise transports viewers to a magical land of anthropomorphized characters and beautiful imagery. With an original soundtrack, performed live by Sixty Ladies Tall and special guests, Fully Charged Paradise is an once in a lifetime production . The direction provided by Hampton Boyer, brings his repertoire of characters to life for viewers. 

...PFAC  will host "Fully Charged Paradise," an interactive visual and audio experience with music by Sixty Ladies Tall, Boyer and Jackson. The story originally was written and illustrated by Boyer and follows a comet that crashes on Earth with quirky characters and anthropomorphic figures that emerge.

"It's a very interesting project and something I feel in one of a kind for the area," Boyer said.  

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